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Matzerath's News

Posted by Matzerath - April 17th, 2017

OK, firstly I dusted off my Patreon for a new attempt at cartoon funding!
I'll be chipping away at stuff regardless, but some moola-based incentive would definitely be inspiring, especially in this strange future in which the Internet hates cartoons with adult humor.
I am taking notes for what I think will be a Grim Reaper-Balthor crossover. I got the key joke conceived, now I have to form a story around it! This is probably not best practices, but screw it. Patreon subscribers will get the inside dope on my progress! I'll drop a few tidbits here too I GUESS.
As always, thank you Newgrounds people. All my best reviews live here!

Posted by Matzerath - April 14th, 2017

Oh lordy I'm trying to learn Open Toonz.

Posted by Matzerath - June 27th, 2014

My newfangled build of Orange Roulette is now on Newgrounds! It has two new modes -- local two-player, and Single Player Royale. It's running in a new engine (Haxe+OpenFL+HaxePunk), and may perform faster for some of you (I hope). I may make some aesthetic touches and whatnot in the future, but this will be my last announcement as regards this ancient game of mine I felt compelled to mess around with. Thank you for your time.
Orange Roulette:

Posted by Matzerath - June 11th, 2014

Yes, I have done a terrible thing and ported Orange Roulette to Android. You can get it here:
And the Newgrounds original lives here:
Those of you with the ability, let me know that it works OK!
I also did another terrible thing -- it now has local two-player. Finally you can test your luck against that of your close, so close, close enough to touch friends that are in the same room. If you found this game ever so easy against the AI, now you can prove your psychic powers once and for all against other humans!
These updates will hopefully be available on the Newgrounds version of the game soon, as well. I ported this whole thing to Haxe, which outputs to Flash as well as Android, but I have to reintegrate the medals and all that stuff, which may or may not be a pain in the ass. We shall see!
Thank you for your time.

Posted by Matzerath - April 23rd, 2014

I have completed the port of my first really successful game project, Spike: A Love Story, first sponsored right here on Newgrounds in like 1946 or something (2011)! It's free, and can be found here:
Hopefully it works on all 8 million variations of Android devices that are out there! I did fresh bug-fixing, and cried a lot as I tried to work on that ancient code. There are a few new gimmicks added as well: gore settings, confetti settings, and a new trick ... so come experience the joy of playing what was already a difficult game at 60 fps with a touchpad! Whee!
Let me know if it works on your respective device, and whether or not it looks perty or like ass!
-- if anyone's curious about the technical aspects of all this, I'll babble about it soon. I used Haxe-OpenFL-HaxePunk for the port. I'll be continuing to update it as I learn new stuff -- I really want to add motion control (is that what you call it), so you can tip your tablet to make Spikey strike. In case the game wasn't impossible enough already.

(FYI - the major version of the sequel is still in the works!)
Thank you for your time!

Posted by Matzerath - February 17th, 2014

I came across this awesome playthrough of my game Misadventure the other day -- dude blazes through it. Such things warm the cockles of my heart! Warning: Spoilers-arama. Game here:http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/617863

Video here:



Posted by Matzerath - November 22nd, 2013

I'm just happy people are still playing it! But could some of you throw an old dog with OCD a bone and get that sucker over the 300,000 mark? You will be helping a strange person with a meaningless accomplishment, and playing a messed-up game about oranges at the same time! Whee hoo!
Oops. forgot the link for THE ENTIRE DAY:
Orange Roulette
IT IS DONE. Thanks everybody!
(Of course, if you want to play it anyway, that's cool with me, too.)

Posted by Matzerath - August 1st, 2013

For anyone still interested, I've added an 'easy mode' with checkpoints for Orange Roulette. Let me know if I hideously broke anything! Also, the last character medal will only unlock on 'Iron Orange' mode, and 'Luck an is illusion' has also been moved to 'Iron Orange', but can be achieved on any completed game in that mode. Woop!

Posted by Matzerath - July 31st, 2013

Just for the hell of it, I updated my game Orange Roulette with two new orange adversaries. The game is officially TWO ORANGES HARDER, and is now a true test of your luck/psychic powers. I also made it a little creepier. So for those of you who enjoy playing cruel, creepy, completely random games about victimized oranges, you are welcome.
Orange Roulette Link

Oranges. Those poor oranges.

Posted by Matzerath - May 30th, 2013

Hello all! Thanks to those of you that played and rated 'Misadventure'! It was a pretty weird experiment, making fun of games that existed before many of you were born, played on tube-based televisions in stucco-walled apartments while people disco danced in the streets. But I'm happy with the reaction! I WAS hoping for more of a religious backlash, but whatever.
This was made during one of the roughest times of my life. Getting it out there sorta closed the door on that period, and though I still have a gaping hole to crawl out of, it really helps to focus on people giving praise, hatred, bug-reports and complaints about old-timey game controls.
The bad times for me have lasted several years, really -- but it was during that time that I got back into programming, and it soon became a major obsession/distraction, and Tom Fulp and Newgrounds, as they have been for years, were major parts of this new focus. Now I feel I've boosted my skills considerably, though with friggin' technology changing practically every day it's a constant fight to stay up-to-date. Friggin' progress! Gettin' too old for this shit!
Anyway, as I've stated previously, if I can do this stuff, you all can. Go make things! Make a video-game, make a board-game, make giant phalluses out of tin foil with a Jacob's Ladder crackling between them.
My motto: There's nearly infinite bad ideas for video-games out there. Just gotta make as many as I can!

P.S. I just discovered there are almost a hundred Let's Plays for 'Orange Roulette.' That's fucking scary.

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