Entry #18

THE FUTURRRRRRRRE (also a sneaky Patreon post)

2017-04-17 14:31:44 by Matzerath

OK, firstly I dusted off my Patreon for a new attempt at cartoon funding!
I'll be chipping away at stuff regardless, but some moola-based incentive would definitely be inspiring, especially in this strange future in which the Internet hates cartoons with adult humor.
I am taking notes for what I think will be a Grim Reaper-Balthor crossover. I got the key joke conceived, now I have to form a story around it! This is probably not best practices, but screw it. Patreon subscribers will get the inside dope on my progress! I'll drop a few tidbits here too I GUESS.
As always, thank you Newgrounds people. All my best reviews live here!


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2017-04-17 14:45:16

Consider yourself Patronized! Hope it goes well!

Matzerath responds:

Woop woop, thanks Tom!