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One more thing about Oranges shooting themselves

Posted by Matzerath - June 27th, 2014

My newfangled build of Orange Roulette is now on Newgrounds! It has two new modes -- local two-player, and Single Player Royale. It's running in a new engine (Haxe+OpenFL+HaxePunk), and may perform faster for some of you (I hope). I may make some aesthetic touches and whatnot in the future, but this will be my last announcement as regards this ancient game of mine I felt compelled to mess around with. Thank you for your time.
Orange Roulette:

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How is haxepunk? I've been playing with flixel recently.

I like it a lot -- of course it made the transition from FlashPunk a lot easier, as well. Flixel is really useful and feature-rich, and gets a lot of deserved attention, but I always felt I had a bit more flexibility with the punks, even if I often have to find answers to problems on my lonesome.

Runs really well in Flash now, no lag at all, of course having a shit laptop, I automatically right click and set the quality to low. How's sales?

Well the apps are free, but despite that their play numbers are quite low so far -- just getting noticed on the mobile stores is a battle in itself (not to mention getting noticed by their lousy search engines). And of course my games are pretty odd in the first place, ha ha.
I'm happy to hear the online version is running well for you!

I'd say you're beyond the teething stage, all ready for the big top. Really hope your next portable game gets the bucks. Time to get out of the NG ghetto, yo.

The only problem I noticed with Orange Roulette was that it single-handedly invalidated any theoretical need for any other game to exist for the rest of eternity. Also I'm pretty sure it killed Paxilon.



Okay well whatever you did in this update killed Orange Roulette. It no longer works for me. After the ads and after clicking play I just have the orange backdrop but the game never starts ever. Please fix.

This is a very fun game ruined as-is. I am disappointed I can no longer play this.

Please consider testing under Linux. It's possible you've done something which makes this only work under Windows now. :-/

You know what I see when I try to play the revised version on my computer? An orange screen that says LoServillex games 2012-2014. And it's completely nonresponsive. Not pressing any button nor clicking has any effect. And I got an opportunity to run it on a more recent computer (owned by someone else) and so I see that's not all there is to it, there's a bunch of stuff I don't like at the beginning that detracts from it. And THEN, what do I see? The gun is now a frigging BANANA? HELL NO! Let me tell you something, don't change something that has artistic merit into some overdone piece of garbage. Because that's what it was, before. It wasn't about its utility as a game, with lots of features, and corny gags. It was all about the atmosphere. It was ART. I actually LIKED this game before. I tried via the help of web.archive.org, the internet archive wayback machine, to get the original swf file from the ORIGINAL version from a bit over a year ago but unfortunately there is no capture of the swf file I can get.

If you're not going to change it back, could you provide a download link for the ORIGINAL version? Because that was beautiful. And you know what, I'd like to save it on my computer.

Shit man I saw your old ass movie from Hell like 10 years ago, and watched it again. Damn time flies.

Hi Matzerath,

Today I randomly remembered your cartoons and decided to show my gf the grim reaper show.

I checked to see if you made any new cartoons and... nothing...

This makes me sad! They were great! I'm not sure what's stopping you but if you ever wanna make more please don't hesitate. Somewhere on this blue little planet are people who love your toons!

Rock on and even if you never make anything else, much love. Your toons added a bit of joy to my life with their humor. I mean that. You rock!


Please make more stuff. :(